Monday, 11 April 2011

Another Season

Have just been getting the van ready, my major task is to make sure all systems work, the pipes are clean and the lights work.

I always seem to have a problem with the "O" ring washer on the cascade 2 Water heater drain plug. The plug seems to seal with two rings just fine. I am starting to think that the drain plugs left by a previous owner are for a different version of heater.

The flap moves freely on the Thetford toilet, and I have given the rubber a light spray of the rubber lubricant to make sure it does not stick.

I have just had a bit of a clear out to get rid of the things that made their way into the van last season.

I have a test socket which I can check all the Van lights with prior to connecting to the car. Just ned a dust and a hover now and we should be ready. The tyres look fine, new last year,  but will need their presure to be checked. When I picked the van up from a previous owner prior to 90 mile journey home they looked fine until I removed them for a good look over. There were patches of rubber missing and they were down to the fabric.

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